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Tickets for our Relaxed Performance can be purchased below. Please select the time slot you wish to arrive, all of which are listed below and highlighted in green. After which, you can select from our variety of tickets which apply best to you.

We strongly advise that you read the below information about what the Relaxed Performance entails and purchase if this applies and is suitable for you and your party. If the Relaxed Performance does not apply, please purchase tickets from the Tickets tab above.

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Sunday 17th December. Time slots available from 2:00pm.


Our relaxed performance is an afternoon of toned down effects, reduced noise and more static lighting in order to make the Starry Nights At Dean Castle experience a more enjoyable experience for our customers with autism, dementia and sensory processing disorders.

We are committed to ensuring that Stary Nights at Dean Castle is a lighting trail which is as accessible and inclusive for everyone as possible. We understand that the multi-sensory nature of the lighting trail, including moving lights, music, sound effects and multiple pyrotechnic effects may cause sensory overload in those with autism or other sensory processing disorders which may in turn result in those people feeling excluded from the experience.

When we initially came up with the concept for Stary Nights At Dean Castle, we were conscious of ensuring as many adults and children as possible can enjoy the experience! We hope that the event will develop and grow year-on-year, and that with the inclusion of a relaxed performance, we can appeal to and cater for everyone.


As a number of our team and crew have firsthand experience with Autism, we are delighted to be able to partner with our friends at The Walter Scott Giving Group to offer a relaxed performance on Sunday 17th of December 2023.

Tickets for the evening are available for the reduced cost of £10.00 for adults and £8.00 for children between the ages of 4 and 15. Under 3’s and Carers go free.


This special performance will have arrival slots available from 2:00pm – 2:30pm, and will feature reduced capacity to minimise crowds, decreased sound levels and increased lighting levels to ensure the comfort of all guests.

We want to set the standard of inclusion for major events. We are committed to setting a precedent that sends out the message to the industry that events need to be approached differently going forward.

When you arrive on site you will be directed to the entrance. Please make sure you have your ticket out, or you have a copy of this on your phone.

You might then need to wait in a short queue.

When you reach the front of the queue, one of our ticket staff will scan the barcode on your ticket and direct you into the site.

As you walk round the trail you will see a variety of different lights, projections and art installations. You can find out more about what you might see by looking at our map.

We will have some food vendors, so you can get a hot drink or a snack, where you can buy a souvenir if you would like; you can call in here at the beginning or the end of your visit.

You can go around the trail again if you like.

We hope this helps you plan your visit, but if you have any questions or you would like to request more information about what each of the installations entails this year please email us at


Whilst the evening is focused towards providing a comfortable experience to attendees with Autism, it is not strictly limited to only those with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We expect the evening to provide an inclusive experience for those with other sensory processing disorders, attendees with anxiety who may feel that attending on another day could be too overwhelming, or even just those who would like to attend Starry Nights At Dean Castle but wish to do so on a quieter evening.